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Business zone Ambarine

The business zone Ambarine is in the possession of the community Gradište in Croatia. She was financed by the European Union in the year 2006/2007 by CARDS 2003. Gradište is located in eastern Croatia, 256 km away from Zagreb, in the triangle of Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Serbia.

From the 54ha total size are 27ha and additional 30ha available. The immediate development potential is ensured. In addition their are good opportunities for trade with the east, in a favorable situation in the triangle.

Besides the unbeatable price of 10.00 kn/m², the equivalent with about 1.35€/m², investors have several other benefits through the community Gradište and government programs.

In the left image are the 27ha free lots marked in green. The lot size is flexible fixable. The largest available lot is 81.366m² sized and the smallest  3.363m². Futhermore the business zone has a free lot of 30ha, which is reserved for large investors.

All lots have a complete municipal infrastructure: gas supply, power supply, water supply, sewerage, telephone / DSL, street lighting and asphalt roads with spatially separated sidewalks.



Business zone Ambarine - Impressum